Why Energy Audits?

Why Energy Audits?

cold air infiltration at 38.1 degrees from around a plumbing penetration under a sink. Both Imagaes from a house less then 3 years old and in the $400,000 price range

Are your energy bills high? Do you have rooms that are either too hot or too cold? Is your house drafty? A good energy audit by a skilled auditor will pinpoint the problems and give you a list of cost-effective solutions. Many issues are surprisingly simple, easy to fix and something the homeowner never even considered. Many times when we do an audit, the homeowner is stunned at what we find and we often hear “I never would have guessed that”
Also, a good energy audit will look for indoor air quality, moisture and safety issues. Gas appliances inside the living space can, under certain circumstances, be a potential fire hazard or cause indoor air quality and health issues; some energy audits include testing for these issues. These appliances include gas ranges and/or stoves, gas fireplaces, gas furnaces or gas water heaters. If you have any of these inside your living space, make sure the auditor does combustion safety tests. A good audit will also look for moisture problems that can lead to mold and rot.

image of a master shower light and the dark blue is air infiltration at 32.6 degrees! In the master shower!!!

Make sure the person doing the audit is either a certified HERS rater (Home Energy Rater System) or a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Professional, and preferably both. There are many different types of energy audits and audit companies. Some auditors work directly for the homeowner and are not associated with any repair company and other auditors work for a company that does repairs or upgrades. Many homeowners prefer an auditor that will work just for them, without any conflict of interest or any financial stake in the result; other homeowners prefer a company that will also do the repairs. Make sure you know how the auditor works before you hire anyone.

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