Sellers – First Impressions Matter

First Impressions Matter

Looking to convince dubious sellers that smart upgrades are worth it? This year’s Cost vs. Value Report, by Remodeling magazine, provides ample support. The annual survey uses input from REALTORS® in 80 cities to rank home remodeling projects according to those that bring the greatest cost recovered at resale. And looking at the five projects that topped the list, it’s clear that first impressions really do matter when sellers list their home.

Big-bang projects can make or break a sale from the moment potential buyers exit their car. A midrange entry door replacement brings the highest payback at a national average of 102.1 percent, followed by a midrange garage door replacement, at 83.9 percent, and an upscale redo of the siding at 80 percent of the cost. Step into the home, and a midrange kitchen remodel recoups an average 72.8 percent. Gaze into the backyard, where a wood deck addition also generates a 72.8 percent return.

Also noteworthy in this slow-growing economy is that four of the top five projects are “midrange” projects aimed at budget-conscious sellers. If sellers still balk at the price tag, take note of our tips for completing the projects on a tidy budget.

PROJECT 1: Entry Door Replacement (Steel)

Cost $1,218 Resale value $1,243

Cost recouped 102.1% National averages

PROJECT 2: Garage Door Replacement

Cost $1,291 Resale value $1,083

Cost recouped 83.9% National averages

PROJECT 3: Siding Replacement

(Fiber Cement)

Cost $13,382 Resale value $10,707

Cost recouped 80.0% National averages

PROJECT 4: Kitchen Remodel  (Minor)

Cost $21,695  Resale value $15,790

Cost recouped 72.8% National averages

PROJECT 5: Deck Addition (Wood)

Cost $10,973  Resale value $7,986

Cost recouped 72.8% National averages

We all know that not all of these are possible, and “moderate costs” is a relative term.  Front door replacements, power washing the home, sidewalk and driveway then  painting the outside is a HUGE impression. This gets home buyers to say WOW.

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