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Top Searches:

1) Durham housing market 2011, As strong as Raleigh’s, With all housing, PRICE, PREPARATION, and PRESENTATION, determine HOW long on that home in on the market

2) fireman, teachers homes Raleigh, = Yes the “HUD Good Neighbor program is in North Carolina. The Raleigh / Durham market is strong. See #4

3) recession impact on home prices 2011 in Raleigh NC = Raleigh Durham housing recession hit the bottom so to speak LAST year in 2010. We are starting to see prices climb slightly over the past year. 0.2% Some neighborhoods never had a recession and prices are still well over $200 / sq ft. Great home deals can be found. Call us.

4) HUD programs for first responders and teachers= As with #2 the HUD Good Neighbor program is in NC. But not in Raleigh / Durham at this time. The Good Neighbor program is for own occupants only who guarantee they will live in that home for at least 3 years. The buyers MUST Bid the ASKING PRICE, 50% of the price of the home will be converted to a silent second ( no payments no interest) mortgage, live in the home as their primary residence for three years. After three years that silent second is forgiven.

5) who’s buying homes in Raleigh?
People with Job transfers INTO our area. People who have a strong desire for home ownership and Investors are buying up the under $100K homes to turn into rentals.


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Greetings, My name is Tom Bohlmann. I am Allen Tate Realtor / Broker in the Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Cary North Carolina areas. Your Home Search starts here: http://www.allentate.com/tombohlmann I have been involved in the Raleigh area real estate investing since 1995. I know all the ins and outs of many many different area markets that the average or even above average Realtor does not know. Give me a call or email so we can talk about your Real Estate Needs. Tom 919-543-5714
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