Is now the right time to buy an rental or investment property?

Prices are down and rates are low. The profit margins are favorable for the buyers.


You will never see this perfect storm again in your lifetime.

You can never pick the low.

Money is cheap, houses are cheap.

If not now….when.

Gotta weigh the short term downside- is it something you can handle if you miss the bottom and it goes lower for a while in a double dip recession. Can a house value go to zero? Doubtful. I say its better to score a good deal than have cash sit and lose money as inflation eats the cash value..

with Raleigh rental vacancy rate at less then 8% it is a perfect time to buy investment properties and build your net worth

From one of my clients


We sure feel that this is the right time to invest in rental housing. Last month we purchased a 4-unit apartment building. The mortgage, which includes taxes and insurance is less than half the rents we collect. The place is in great shape, no vacancies in the previous three years, and each of the apartments looks nice. In short, the place is a cash cow, and a wonderful hedge against inflation. Single-family houses are much more of a financial risk in any market, and we didn’t think this is the right time (if ever) to enter that market.

Thank you Tom your RE investment knowledge is second to none


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