FSBO – is it dead ?

Are FSBO’s A Thing Of The Past ?

Are FSBO’s A Thing Of The Past….Looks Like The Magazine Is!
For Sale By Owner, you’ve seen them around the red and white signs with the info tubes. Although these days they are harder and harder to spot, why?

Well in the property boom when houses were flying out the door and everybody and their mother could get a loan, some people thought they would forgo the Realtor and pocket the money from the commission. Sometimes it worked, somebody drove by, saw the FSBO sign, knocked on the door and a deal was done.

Sometime into the bust we started to see fewer and fewer FSBO signs and these days I hardly see any, why is that? Well nowadays selling a house is no easy task, in fact it is fraught with stress, it requires a thorough knowledge of the housing market in a specific area and in a specific neighborhood.

It requires a knowledge of loan requirements unprecedented to this point as far as I can see. It used to be you agreed on a price, had an inspection (or not) and went to the closing table on the last Friday of the month. One family moved out and another moved in. Today the closing date is a moving target and you better have a plan B for when the underwriter calls the loan officer with their demands.

This is what the FSBO magazine is called now…. For Sale By Builder & Owner


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