Three “P”s of Selling your Home

I tell my clients who wish to SELL not just LIST their home, there are Three “P’s to look at:

1 PRICE. In this market PRICE is king. Pricing your Home to SELL, not just list price gets your home sold. You can use Trulia and Zillow to “get an idea” of what you home should sell for. Look at the SOLD prices not the for sale prices. As I mentioned it will give you a rough idea. Not perfect, may not even be close in rural markets, but an idea. Only a Realtor and or an Appraisal for Sale can show you true comps of homes SOLD.

Home Preparation means get your home inspected. Once the Inspection is completed then fix everything on that inspection report. You will need to do it anyway when you get an offer, so get it out of the way before you list.
Next is PAINT. Repaint everything in neutrals. Nothing kills sales more than blue, purple, most shades green, red and orange painted rooms. In addition, prep and paint the trim. Wood trim is 1970s get rid of it. Paint it white or off white. The number 2 reason homes do NOT sell is NOT repainting in neutral colors. Beige, tans, off whites, ivories with contrasting trim is MUST too sell your home in this market. Your home is now a product for sale and must stand out from the competition, even from new construction. Make it shine.

Power wash the home, and paint as needed. Yes PAINT ( or restain ) that front door. First impressions; you have less than 10 secs to get that buyers attention. That FRONT door is that first impression.

Yard. Water that grass, and get those shrubs taken care of. Landscaping and flowers tell buyers these sellers care about that home.

3. Presentation This is the 50/50 part. 50% is you the seller marketing sure your home is ‘presentable’ for showings. ie keep it clean, de-cluttered, remove 50% of your furniture and get rid of any and all lazy boy and big screen TVs. <– these show buyers the seller is LAZY. Sorry folks. That flat screen TV mounted on a wall should have a small sign that says “does not convey.” Ask your Realtor about this reason.

Next is to remove all personal and expensive items. Remove family pictures and take that Great 10 point buck head off the den wall. Even that little aquarium you keep little lizards or pet spiders for your kids needs to find a different place

50% or Presentation is your Realtors job. This is how they market your property.
Marketing your home starts with the photos your Realtor takes. They may need to come back several times, to get the lighting just right. Morning photos of east facing rooms and east side of your home and late afternoon photos of west facing rooms and west side of your home. Cloud cover is actually very good time to get photos. The light may be just right. A well chose picture is worth many words and thoughts.
The Multiple Listing Service: Is your Realtor just putting your home in the Multiple Listing Service or MLS? If that is all they are doing you may not getting the exposure to potential buyers you deserve. In some markets there are two MLS services.
Did you know that 89% off all home buyers use some other form to search for home they may buy then a MLS? 40% of all home buyers use ONE source to look for their next home purchase. And this one source is the single most use source potential buyers’ use. Does your Realtor know what it is? They should to sell your home. What is that source? Simple it’s Google. Try Googling your own address and see what comes up?
Another big part of your Realtors job to market your home is to take and answer telephone calls and emails questions about your home within a reasonable time. That time to respond is about 20 min if they could not answer the phone right then and there. Overnight questions must be answered first thing in the morning. Your Realtors quick response to questions about your home is vital to its sale.

In a BUYERS market Sellers and Realtors must use every trick they know to get potential buyers too look at information and into your home. The only constant in Real Estate is change. Are you ready to work and SELL your home?

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