market for house flipping in raleigh nc area

Is there are market for flipping houses in Raleigh Durham NC? You bet there is.

We are seeing foreclosed house / properties come on the market at several per day.

These deals are 80- 70 cents on the dollar. ( low end of market value )

Yes they need some work, with with the savvy investor, he can profit quite well.

The catches:

1. you must use a REALTOR to purchase.

2. You must take title

3. Cash buyers are king, but it must be YOUR cash. See #2

4. You as the Cash buyer must show 2 months proof of funds.

5. Flipping properties to another buyer or subject too or contract assignments are NOT allowed with bank owned properties.

These deals are going fast. with the average time on the market is under 30 days for bargain properties.
These HOT deals sell so fast, that if your are NOT quite ready, that is OK too. More are always coming.

Need a Proforma on a prospective Property? Sure we can do that too. Cash on Cash Return, ROI.

Send me an email and tell me what you looking for, the area, and the mount you have to work with. And I will send you some samples.

Call me. and lets find you the deals and make you some . . .. . . Well you know the rest.

20 years of finding, buying, rehab and selling foreclosures.


PS Ever wonder about buying in Bulk? Bulk buying is 6 or more foreclosures or REO properties at one time. YES you can do this too. The catch? YES you must have cash to do so.

Cash is King when buying Real Estate.

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Greetings, My name is Tom Bohlmann. I am Allen Tate Realtor / Broker in the Raleigh, Durham, Wake Forest, Cary North Carolina areas. Your Home Search starts here: I have been involved in the Raleigh area real estate investing since 1995. I know all the ins and outs of many many different area markets that the average or even above average Realtor does not know. Give me a call or email so we can talk about your Real Estate Needs. Tom 919-543-5714
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